Our Food

Enjoy every mouthful

The food experience for our customers is key in embracing the new Bartley. We want you to enjoy every mouthful, remember each dish & crave a return for your favourites!

The menu is a modern interpretation of traditional pub classics, while showcasing great fresh local produce. We provide quality and quantity, which will leave you satisfied and fulfilled.


The Restaurant

Discover signature dishes, healthy options & hearty family favourites. Extending across the dining room & atrium, through to the brand new porch, which is completely weather protected with a great view of the lake.

 Restaurant Menu

A table-of-food at The Bartley resturant

The Bar

The Bar is currently closed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Bartley Burger with sweet potato fries and a beer

The Sports Bar

The newly located and upgraded Sports Bar features wall to wall TV coverage of live sports and the latest UBET facilities. With great weekly specials and events for the dedicated crowd, we’re embracing our loyal locals & keeping everyone satisfied.

Chicken schnitzel, salad and beer at The Bartley Hotel